Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

Model 4000

The model 4000 bottle unscrambler is designed to sort and orient bottles that are fed in bulk, often in random orientations, into a single-file or orderly arrangement. The unscrambler uses various mechanisms such as belts, grippers, or rotating discs to pick up and reposition bottles, ensuring that they are correctly oriented and ready for the filling, capping, labeling, or other downstream processes.

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  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction.
  • 48in diameter feeding bowl.
  • Integrated bulk bottle hopper
  • Completely automatic productions speeds of up to 400 bottles per minute.
  • Standard equipment does not require change parts for a wide range of containers (Cylinders, rounds, ovals, squares, rectangles among others.)
  • Capable of orienting containers from 10cc to gallons.
  • Independent speed control for each machine function.
  • Fast changeovers (Approximately 10 minutes)
  • Calibrated settings minimize set-up during changeovers.
  • Magnetic safety switches on all doors.
  • Back up sensor on conveyor for bowl control.
  • Discharge height: 32 ± 2 in.
  • Reinforced polyurethane belts.
  • Easy maintenance access.
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