• Filling System Containers held in place by lateral belts pick up the caps that are screwed in place by rotary tangent discs.
  • Cap Hopper We offer vibratory and inclined hoppers; these are normally activated by a cap level sensor installed in the cap feeder.
  • Caps Under Demand (optional) A fiber optic sensor activates or shuts down the cap feeder according to the demand of caps under operation.
  • Bottle Gripper Belts Standard equipment comes with one set of belts; we also offer multiple belts (2 or 3 on each side). Material, size and separation of the belts are custom designed for each customer.
  • Electric Panel In this panel you can control each machine function independently: Capping discs speed, gripper belt speed, cap sorter speed and cap hopper vibration or speed.
  • Torque Adjustment (optional) Individual adjustable clutch can be installed on each capping disc. This will improve torque control, disc life and will minimize cap marking.