Cap Tightener/Retorquer

cap tightener/retorquer machine

Model ProCap

The cap tightener/retorquer is a heavy-duty self-contained semi-automatic inline cap tightening system which is specifically designed to handle various size caps up to 110mm.

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  • Simple, Reliable Operation These cappers are very easy to install, don’t require highly trained operators and are guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Capping System Containers held in place by lateral belts pick up thee caps that will screw in place by rotary tangent discs. Speed to 150 ppm.
  • Versatility Standard equipment doesn’t require change parts to work with a wide range of products, from vials to gallons. Simple turning of knobs adjusts cap delivery, cap size, cap height, torque, machine height, belt separation, etc.
  • Bottle Gripper Belts Reinforced gripper belt drive system comes standard with one set of belts, we also offer multiple belts (2 or 3 on each side). Material, size and separation of the belts are custom designed for each customer.
  • Construction One piece stainless steel 304 welded frame under rotary casters. C frame design allows installations on different working conveyors.
  • Electric Panel All logic functions are controlled by a PLC. In the panel you can control each machine function independently
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