Front and Back Bottle Labeler

Front and back bottle labeler

Model FBLA-2

Our front and back bottle labeler is a fully automatic, inline labeler. It is a great choice for businesses transitioning from semi-automatic labeling processes to a more efficient, inline system.

This machine is an ideal choice for industries handling products like sauces, spirits, cosmetics, and chemicals, where precision and efficiency are crucial.

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  • Maximum label height: 187 mm (7.5")
  • Label length: 10-250 mm (1/2" - 10")
  • Product width: 20-125 mm (1/2" - 5")
  • Reel inner diameter: 75 mm (3")
  • Reel outer diameter: 300 mm (12")
  • Labeling speed: 60 pieces/minute
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1,900 mm x 1,400 mm x 1,350 mm
  • Power required: 110–220V AC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  • Power consumption: 5A


  • Dual Labeling Functionality: Equipped with two synchronized labeling heads, allowing for simultaneous application of labels on both the front and back sides of bottles. This feature ensures consistent branding and informative labeling on all sides of the container.
  • Versatility in Container Compatibility: This machine can handle a variety of container shapes, including F-Style Bottles, oval, rectangular, or other uniquely shaped containers, making it a versatile option for a wide range of products.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Application: Designed to offer a superior solution for applying pressure-sensitive labels, the FBLA-2 ensures high-quality label adherence with every application.
  • One-Sided or Two-Sided Labeling: Suitable for various labeling needs, whether it’s one-sided or two-sided, providing flexibility in packaging design.

Front and back bottle labeler

Front and back bottle labeler

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