JDA Pneumatic Driven Hot Stamping Data Coder

This machine is a small, light weight, user friendly hot stamping date coder. It can be installed for overprinting text, onto film such as paper, plastic film. pharmaceutical paper carton, cellophane, polypropylene, aluminum, polyester or cardboard, at speed up to 150 prints per minute, on a 20x35mm printing area. It can be easily installed VFFS packaging machines. With a special idle bar, continuous motion is also installable.

  • Light weight and easy loading foil. 1 to 3 lines print, easy to adjust. Easy to change types. Easy to change any printing direction. Stable built-in temperature control system. Compact size makes it easy to install. Operation under packaging machines. Fully guarded. Clear print quality. End of ribbon sensor. Low dispensable material cost.
  • Dispensable material: Hot Foil / Ribbon.
  • Printing area: 20mmX35mm
  • Printing Speed: 120 prints/min
  • Ribbon length: 100~153M.
  • Character size: 3mm.
  • Signal required: connect signal, photoelectric sensor or limit switch.
  • Coder dimension: 150(H)x220(W)x150(L)mm.
  • Net Weight: 9~11 Kg, depends on frame size.
  • Power required: 100/110VAC or 200V~240V 50/60Hz, single phase, 100W.
  • Air supply: 4Bar(60psi)