Redeepac 520/Powders VFFS

JDA Redeepac 520/Powders VFFS machine

Model Redeepac 520/Powders

The Redeepac 520/Powders is a compact, vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine. It combines simplicity of design with a compact footprint to provide a sturdy, portable machine for use in many applications. It automatically forms a bag, fills it with a powder-based product, then seals and separates the finished package.

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  • Laser cut and curved machine frame (print registration photocell)
  • Forming tube replaceable without tools (hot foil printer)
  • Bag length adjust through display (additional forming tube)
  • Length registered by encoder (hole punch)
  • Motorized film unwind (discharge conveyor)
  • Control with up to 10 programs in memory (vacuum pack)
  • Lexan polycarbonate safety cover with micro switches (gas flush)
  • Bag counter – partial and total (stainless steel construction)

closeup view of JDA Redeepac 520/Powders


  • Type of Film: 50 - 150 my
  • Bags - Width Sizes: Min. 100 mm - Max. 230 mm 4" - 9.5"
  • Speed with Polyethylene: 30 - 40 Bags/min
  • Bags - Length Sizes: Min. 100 mm - Max.300 mm 4" - 12"
  • Speed with Laminated: 50 - 60 Bags/min
  • Machine Sizes: 2350mm x 1320 mm x 1500 mm H 92.5" x 52" x 60"
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