Vibratory Weigh Filler

Vibratory Weigh Filler

Model SF

Designed to fill spices, candy , snack foods, chocolate, granola, trail mix, vegetables, fruit, cheese packaging, meat, pet food, bakery products, cannabis, gummies, and frozen food.

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  • All operating variables, including feeder speeds, stored in memory
  • no operator adjustment, no operator error
  • Supervisor code to protect against accidental program alterations.
  • Socketed circuit boards and components for ease of replacement.
  • One year parts warranty. Friendly, unlimited telephone support.
  • No moving wear parts.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Proprietary hopper / feeder design eliminates flow control variables.
  • Weigh mode retained with each program - switch from grams to
  • pounds to ounces, etc. at the touch of a key.
  • All contact surfaces quick disconnect food grade stainless steel.

Vibratory Weigh Filler


  • RESOLUTION 1 /100 oz. (1 /10 gram)
  • CAPACITY 1 lb. (500 gram) standard to 5 lb. (2.5 kg) optional
  • HOPPER SIZE 1.75 cubic feet (50 liters) standard to 12 cu. feet (340 liters) optional
  • ELECTRICAL 110 volt, single phase, 2 amps; 220 single phase, 1 amp
  • SPEED 10 - 18 cycles per lane per minute at 2/10% (.2%) accuracy
  • AIR REQUIREMENT 60 psi, less than 1 /10 cfm
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